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Winter Birds Cover
Winter Birds

This checklist provides key physical and call features to help guests identify winter birds in Mt. Tabor Park. How many can you find?

Mt. Tabor Park Cover
Mt. Tabor Park

All you need to know about the current operation of the park - location, hours, facts, rules, amenities, and more.

Foot Patrol Cover
Foot Patrol Manual

Everything you need to know about patrolling the park. We require that all Foot Patrol members work in pairs for safety reasons. email to schedule an orientation.

Geology Cover
Geological History

Mt. Tabor Park is one of four volcanoes found inside city limits in the United States! Learn about how this cinder cone came into being.

Native Plants Cover
Native Plant Guide

Learn about the park's native plant species and what we're doing to help maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Trail Maps Cover
Trail Maps

Mt. Tabor Park contains miles of trails. We've mapped out three routes ranging from one mile to three miles, all beginning at the kiosk in the main parking lot. Bicycles are prohibited on the green trail (except roadways).

Tree Guide Cover
Tree I.D. Map

The park contains 57 species of trees. This self-guided tour allows you to explore as many as you wish at your own pace. Want more info.? Bob Rogers gives FREE guided tree tours the third Sunday of every month!

Timeline Cover

This detailed timeline provides a history of Mt. Tabor Park, beginning with the land designation in 1888, leading to the park's dedication in 1909, and many other notable events in the park's history.

Reservoirs Cover

This brochure by the Portland Water Bureau details the reservoirs when they were used for area drinking water.

Tabor to the River Cover
Revegetation Tour

This walking map outlines areas of the park where Bureau of Environmental Science, FMTP Weed Warriors, and Mt. Tabor Middle School have removed invasive plant species and replanted native species.

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