Friends of Mt. Tabor Park Rock Stars

Bertha Guptill
Founding Member,
Organized Trail Markers
Mary Kinnick 
Weed Warriors Advocate
Nancy Norby
Founding Member,
Established Off-Leash Area
Dave Hillman
Founding Member,
Established the Park's Visitor Center
Martrese Beck 
Graphic Designer/Photographer
What's a Rock Star?

Dennis Puetz grew up roaming the trails of Mt. Tabor Park and later became a stalwart volunteer for the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park. In 2020, Dennis realized that much of the organization’s history was stored in the memories of its founders and key volunteers. He proposed we honor those people as Rock Stars of the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park. Each Rock Star’s story would illuminate and recount their contributions, forming a chapter in the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park history book.

We hope you enjoy their stories.