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Stewardship Fund

A Campaign to Ensure a Healthy Future for Our Park

THANK YOU to Our Generous Donors!

Why Is Mt. Tabor Park at Risk?

Invasive plants like Himalayan blackberry and English ivy threaten to choke out biodiversity in Mt. Tabor Park. Left unchecked, invasives create a monoculture, degrade soil health, and negatively impact birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. In 2005, a City survey found 93 percent of Mt. Tabor Park’s vegetation areas to be in “poor” or “severely degraded” condition. Since 2010, hundreds of our neighbors and friends have volunteered over 15,000 hours to restore health to the park by removing invasive species. This massive restoration effort has been spearheaded by a group called the Weed Warriors.


Who Are the Weed Warriors?
  • The Weed Warriors is a major volunteer program of the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park.

  • This award-winning program began in 2002 and expanded significantly in 2010 to bring ecological health back to
    Mt. Tabor Park.

  • Since 2010, the Weed Warrior program has been led by a part-time paid Stewardship Coordinator who organizes volunteers once a month from March–October to remove invasive plants and inspire the next generation of park stewards.

  • Over the last decade, Weed Warrior volunteers planted hundreds of native plants to prevent the return of invasive plants, stabilize steep hillsides, and capture stormwater

  • In 2017, the Weed Warrior program engaged over 500 volunteers from across the Metro area.

  • Until 2017, the program had been funded primarily by the City of Portland as part of Tabor to the River, a stormwatermanagement project. 

  • The Weed Warrior program has been recognized by a Spirit of Portland Award and the statewide Community Organization Award from SOLVE.


The Mt. Tabor Park Stewardship Fund

A small group of neighbors and friends, led by the nonprofit Friends of Mt. Tabor Park, are banding together to help maintain the health of our beloved park.

  • Stewardship Fund Goal: $100,000

  • Friends of Mt. Tabor Park will contribute $12,500

  • Funds will be invested through the Oregon Community Foundation where interest accrued will sustain the Weed Warrior program for generations to come.


Your one-time gift to the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park Stewardship Fund will sustain this important stewardship effort over the long term. The Stewardship Fund will cover the modest $6,600 annual cost of the Weed Warriors program, keeping Mt. Tabor beautiful and thriving for generations to come.

To make your tax deductible donation, please choose one of the the "Donate" buttons at the top of this page. For more information, please contact Mary Kinnick, FMTP Board member, and Chair, Stewardship Fund Steering Committee, at

Please make checks payable to: Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP).
On the memo line, please specify: 2018 Stewardship Fund. Mail to FMTP - 5857 SE Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97215.  
Thank you for your support!

IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) information available upon request. FMTP tax code: 20-3533302

In 2017, the City of Portland ended funding for the Weed Warrior program, jeopardizing years of restoration and the future health of the park.






Photo by Larry Olson

Invasive blackberry and clematis overtaking native tree in Mt. Tabor Park. Photo credit: FMTP Board Member Bing Wong

Weed Warriors partnering with The Nature Conservancy get to work in Mt. Tabor Park!
Photo credit: Tim Jewett

Weed Warriors taking a rest after pulling English ivy. Photo credit: Stasia Honnold

Oregon ensatina (Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis) found in Mt. Tabor Park by a young Weed Warrior.

Photo credit: Stasia Honnold

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