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Summit Restroom

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Parks

Replacement Bond! These much-needed funds

are allowing the project to repair and reopen

the summit restroom at Mt. Tabor Park to

move forward.


What’s happening? The project is to restore the

restrooms (plumbing and electrical systems,

sewer line, lighting, roof, and seismic upgrades)

while maintaining their historic character.

When the work is completed, there will be a

single use restroom on either side with a toilet,

sink, and hand dryer. The restroom on the

left-hand side (when facing restroom) will be

ADA accessible. Work is anticipated to be

complete by Summer 2017.


Type II Land Use Review – in early May

(depending on BDS’s schedule), notice will be

mailed out to nearby neighborhoods and

property owners. There will be a 21-day

comment period. This review is required

because the summit restroom is part of the

historic designation of Mt Tabor Park. Please

contact PP&R if you have questions upon

receipt of the notice.


Tree Removal – the Urban Forestry Arborist assigned to this project has identified a Doug Fir tree located near the left-hand side door to the restroom that needs to removed (no date set yet for removal). Unfortunately, this tree has been infested by bark beetles and cannot be saved. It could impact other healthy trees if left, and its removal also allows for the restroom to be ADA accessible. The tree will be replaced by new trees – exact species and locations have not been identified yet.


More information can be found at the project webpage.

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