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City Nature Challenge BioBlitz




What: Join thousands of participants around the world to document, identify, and share observations of nature in our cities! Read more about the City Nature Challenge here.


When: There are two different times for this event. Come join us for one or both!

  • Saturday, April 27th from 9am - 11am 

  • Sunday, April 28th from 2pm - 4pm


Where: Meet at the Mt. Tabor Park Visitor's Center.


Registration: Register below! Have questions? Email


What you'll need:

  • Phone or camera to take pictures

  • iNaturalist account - create yours here

  • iNaturalist app (if you're using your phone to take pictures)​​ - Download on Google Play or Apple

How it works:

  • When you come to the event you can choose the type of day you'd like to have. Our group options will be:

    • Nature Stroll Group: Slower paced, guided walk and talk that's ideal for kids. The focus is to get outside and connect kids with nature. iNaturalist optional based on individual preference.​

    • Plants and Pollinators Group: Slow to medium paced guided walk. The focus is getting pictures and/or identifying plants and pollinators as you walk along Mt. Tabor's paths. iNaturalist encouraged for this group.

    • EcoBlitzer Group: Faster paced group with the goal of taking pictures and/or identifying as many things as you can on your walk. The focus is to maximize data collection and species diversity. iNaturalist highly encouraged for this group.

  • Based on your preferences, you can join one of these groups, which will include knowledgeable naturalists

  • Using a phone or camera, take pictures of the wildlife or plant life you've chosen

  • Upload your images and/or identifications to the iNaturalist app

    • NOTE: If you're taking photos with a camera, you'll need to log in to iNaturalist and upload and/or ID photos by ​May 5th.

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Register for the City Nature Challenge
What day(s) would you like to participate?

Thanks for registering for the City Nature Challenge! We're excited for you to you join us! Please check your email a few days before the event for any additional details.

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