The Friends of Mt. Tabor Park

The Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP) was organized as a non-profit group* in 2000. Our purpose is to improve and help maintain Mt. Tabor Park for the benefit of individuals, organizations and the Park Bureau; to identify and help solve problems; and to participate in park planning projects. By joining FMTP, your tax-deductable annual dues go directly to assisting with our programs and expenses. Members receive the FMTP newsletter, the Tabor Times, which is published every six months. 


Please see the pulldown menu above for information on our organization and Mt. Tabor Park. You'll find brochures, frequently-asked questions, detailes about the volcanic nature of the park, a list of park amenities, profiles of our board members, and a link to Portland Parks & Recreation's web page on the park.


Our organization relies entirely on donations, membership dues, and volunteers. Find out how you can help support our beloved park (including purchasing items from our gift shop)!


*FMTP is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.