Friends of Mt. Tabor Park Board Members

Our organization is run entirely by hard working volunteers. Scroll down to learn more about our current board members, all of whom devote countless hours and personal effort to keep the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (and the park itself) running smoothly.

Kathleen Cornett 
Board Vice-chair and Secretary

Kathleen Cornett has lived on the east side of Mt. Tabor for 30 years and walks the park on most days.  She is recently retired from a decades-long career in philanthropy and nonprofit organizations at The Oregon Community Foundation and The Oregon Food Bank. Her husband Steve Grove is a furniture maker; they have one adult son who lives in Portland. 

come on down to the cafe on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th of Thanksgiving week, and pick out what you want! First come, First served -- while they last...
Anne Crispino-Taylor 
Board Member

A die-hard trail runner, Anne finds Mt. Tabor Park to be a wonderful alternative to running the streets. She's the organizer of a fundraising event that benefits the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park: a 5k walk/run and 10k run, The "Tar 'n' Trail" event. Anne has been a board member since 2011, and she and her husband live near Mt. Tabor. Anne has been employed with the Portland Development Commission for 4 years. Besides trail running, Anne enjoys spending time camping, hiking and kayaking with her husband and her dog Potomac.

Linda Fogerson
Communications Chair

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Linda began a career that would take her to jobs in journalism, public relations, higher-education fundraising and, finally, non-profit management. Linda retired in 2017 and settled in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood. She and her husband joined the Mt. Tabor Foot Patrol and walk the park several times a week.


Steve Law 
Board Chair

Steve lives in South Tabor, where he can view the mountain from his living room window. For more than 35 years, Steve, his wife and their three children have treasured the park for hiking, biking, jogging, walking the dog, summer concerts, sledding and skiing. ​He joined the board in 2020, after retiring from a career in newspaper reporting and editing, most recently at the Portland Tribune.

Nate Meschke.jpg
Nate Meschke
Board Member

Nate moved to Portland in 2005 after college graduation with the plan to stay for a year or two before heading back to Colorado. Sixteen years later, Portland is still home. Nate moved to the South Tabor neighborhood in 2017 and immediately found solace in the many trails and trees of Mount Tabor. Bike rides, trail runs and long walks are a must for Nate, who spends as many days he can exploring this special place. 

A former bicycle designer and longtime bike industry veteran, Nate currently is doing his best to earn a "Rad Dad" certificate from his 3 young children. His wife of 17 years works in health care and also deeply loves spending time running on Mount Tabor. 

Marco Petri
Membership Chair

Elected as Membership Chair in 2020, Marco and his wife moved to Portland in 2017 and he brings two decades of hospitality industry experience, including ten years as a small business owner. He enjoys cooking, hiking, writing, photography, walking with his dogs, taking care of his household, and spending time with family and friends.

Hap Pritchard
Board Member

Hap and his wife moved to the Portland area in 2004 to be close to their two children and their grandchildren. The move coincided with his retirement from a career at the EPA and a final three-year stint at the Danish National Environmental Research Laboratory where he was a senior research fellow. Retirement has allowed Hap to spend lots of time in his woodworking shop, to dabble with my model railroad in the basement, and to garden at his “mini-estate” in Southeast Portland.

Anka Sepulveda.jpg
Anka Sepulveda
Board Member

Anka has lived next to Mt. Tabor Park for nine years and runs the stairs every day. She's been a Weed Warrior for four years, and last year had her home certified as a Backyard Habitat.

Rachel White [Treasurer's rpt].jpg
Rachel White

Elected as treasurer in 2019, Rachel and her husband have lived in the Mt. Tabor area for ten years. She spends many hours running, walking, biking, and picnicking in the park, and has also accompanied her son on bird walks there. Rachel is a science writer and works downtown for the research branch of the US Forest Service.

come on down to the cafe on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th of Thanksgiving week, and pick out what you want! First come, First served -- while they last...
Bing Wong 
Board Member

A native Oregonian, retired Medical Technologist Bing moved to the Mt. Tabor neighborhood in 1992 to be closer to Mt. Tabor Park's outstanding birding opportunities. He joined the board a few years ago to give a birder's perspective. He is also a board member of the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association since 1997, and serving as their treasurer from 1998. Other activities include membership with the Democratic Party of Oregon State Central Committee, Friends of Tualatin and Malheur National Wildlife Refuges, Audubon member, and he volunteers as crew leader for FMTP Weed Warriors. In his spare time, Bing enjoys photography, golf, and traveling.