By becoming a member of the Friends of Mount Tabor Park, you will join hundreds of others in supporting the protection and enhancement of Mt. Tabor Park. Membership dues/donations are used to support the following programs:

Mt. Tabor Park Foot Patrol 

Every month about 30 volunteers take to the trails and streets of Mt. Tabor Park with trash bags and garbage tongs to keep the park clean. They also monitor park safety and report any problems they might see to the appropriate authorities. 

Weed Warriors 

The Friends organizes and underwrites the costs of Weed Warrior activities, which are aimed at eliminating non-native and invasive plant species from the park. Hundreds of local residents and students from nearby schools participate in maintaining the natural beauty of the park. 

The Visitors Center 

Each year we have more than 12,000 visitors who stop at the Visitor Center looking for information about how to explore the park. Volunteers staff the center, giving visitors and locals information about how to best experience the park.  


In addition to these activities, volunteers are also active in producing park trail maps, Tree Guide, and other brochures, the printing of which is paid for by the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (supplemented by donations from local businesses).


Join us! Be a part of a community invested in the preservation and protect of beautiful Mt. Tabor Park.  


If you would like to make a gift of more than $1,000 for a specific project, you would like to talk with someone about your gift, and/or include the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park in your estate plans, please contact Linda Fogerson for more information. Linda is a member of the Friends of Mt. Tabor Board and can be reached at 858-822-9344 or

Want to help Friends of Mt. Tabor Park and lower your state taxes?

Consider matching your contribution to the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park with a similar donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust, and get half your money back via a state tax credit


The Oregon Legislature created the Oregon Cultural Trust to nurture arts and community groups across the state by providing a generous tax break. The Friends of Mt. Tabor Park is one or more than 1,500 nonprofits eligible for matching donations.


How it works:

Total what you donated to the nonprofits on the Oregon Cultural Trust list. Give a matching amount to the Cultural Trust online or by mail by December 31. On your State Tax Form, report your gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust. You’ll get 100% of it back! (Couples filing taxes jointly may donate up to $1,000 to Oregon Cultural Trust, match it with up to $1,000 in donations to the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park or other qualifying groups, and get up to $1,000 off their state tax bill. For people filing taxes as individuals, the caps are $500.) This video illustrates the process.


This is a state tax credit, lowering your state tax bill by the amount of the credit. 


You can also count these contributions if you itemize donations to nonprofits on your tax filings, lowering your state and federal taxable income. 


You may find you also donate to other qualifying nonprofits; so all you need is a matching donation to Oregon Cultural Trust to get the credit.